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Shopska salad (83) Ц 6, 80 И

The most popular salad in Bulgaria

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pepper, white brine cheese, parsley

with bread

Shepherd salad (84) Ц 7, 80

Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pepper, white brine cheese, olives, ham, mushrooms, egg, parsley

with bread

Tomatoes with white brine cheese and garlic(80)- 6,80

Sliced tomatoes, white brine cheese, garlic, parsley

with bread

Tarama with olives (162)- 6,20

Tarama dip (roe, bread, onions, olive oil, lemon juice, salt)

Olives, balsamic vinegar

with bread

Tapas ∕ Appetizers

Thracian dip (87) Ц 5, 50 И

Strained yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, oil, salt, dill, parsley, walnuts

with bread

Homemade salsa (144) Ц 5, 50 И

Tomato based dip with pepper, carrots, peas, okra and garlic

with bread

Grilled chili peppers (150) Ц 5, 50 И

Chili peppers, carrots, dill, Balkan spices, garlic

with bread

Lyutenica with white brine cheese (88) Ц 5, 50 И

Dip from pepper, tomatoes, eggplants, oil, spices, white brine cheese

with bread

Macedonian salad (175) Ц 5, 50 И

Salted boiled potatoes, onions, corn, dill, pickled cucumbers, parsley, homemade dressing

with bread

Spicy bean stew (143) Ц 5, 50 И

White beans, onions, crushed red pepper, olive oil, tomato dip

with bread

French fries (152) Ц 4, 50 И

with ∕ without white brine cheese