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Wine and Bulgarian drinks

Wine & Bulgarian drinks

Bulgarian Wine

Red wine, White wine, Rose win

(Dry, semi Ц dry, sweet)

Glass Ц 0,25l - 4, 50И
Carafe Ц 0,5l Ц 8, 50И

Ayran Ц 0,25l - 1, 80 И
Cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt. The name ayran itself comes from "ayırmak", also "airag" in mongolian, which means "to seperate". Originally ayran was made by shaking the milk in a leather bag until all of the fat is seperated to be used as butter and the rest of it is fermentated into yogurt, or in more liquid form, ayran. This method is still used in non-urban areas of Turkey, instead of mixing yogurt with salt and water. Ayran is served chilled and often as an accompaniment to grilled meat or rice especially during summer.

Rakia (42 %) Ц 3, 20 И
Rakia or Rakija (pronounced rakiya) is the collective term for fruit brandy popular in the Balkans. The alcohol content of rakia is normally 40%, but home-produced rakia can be stronger (typically 50% to 80% but going as high as 90% at times). In Bulgaria, rakia is generally served with shopska salad, yogurt salad, pickled vegetables (turshiya) or other salads. Another popular way of serving is "cooked" or heated and sweetened with honey or sugar, with added spices. Heated in large kettles, it is often offered to visitors to various open-air festivities, especially in winter. It is similar to mulled wine, as weaker brands of rakia are used (or stronger ones diluted with water).

Mastika (47%) Ц 3, 20 И
Mastika or Mastiha is an alcoholic drink with minimum 47% vol. of alcohol, made of natural ethanol,flavoured with anethole, extracted from star anise. It is similar to Greek ouzo or tsikoudia. It is served cold or at room temperature but usually with ice. Both turn white when poured over ice or mixed with water, forming small crystals when frozen. Turkish rakı and Iranian arak are also similar. In Bulgaria mastika is a strong anise-flavoured drink, consumed chilled. Mastika is often combined with menta, a mint liqueur, to make a traditional cocktail called "cloud".